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Delivery and Charges

In order to optimize the order fulfillment time, Tung Bao Tong store will have a cutoff time at 12am in regular business day as follow:


  • Orders received before 12am will be sent on next business day;

  • Orders received after 12am will be sent on the day after next business day;

In the General case, Tung Bao Tong Hong Kong will send out the orders in next business day, within Monday - Friday excluding any public holiday in HK.


Customer will receive the products within 5-7 business days starting at day after placing the order. For example, if the order is placed on Monday at 1am, customer will receive the order by Friday noon the latest; if the order is placed on Sunday at 10pm, then the customer will receive the order on Thursday noon the latest.


Estimated time for order delivery:​

  • HK area : 5-7 business days (via local courier)


The actual delivery date & time will depend on various factors such as delivery address, order number & manpower allocation. Therefore, please refer to the delivery date & time as displayed on “Confirm Payment”page. Tung Bao Tong will make its best effort to provide the best & the soonest delivery, and will reserve the final right of decision.


Order HKD300 or more to qualify for FREE Shipping, otherwise, standard delivery charge within Hong Kong area is HKD50 per order.

This website will process and fulfill the orders within HK area only.


Because of differences between countries in their import documentation and customs clearance requirements. For overseas order, please contact us directly by email for delivery arrangements outside HK area.


Special Delivery Arrangement

The actual delivery date and time for the orders that affected by inclement weather condition will depend on various factors such as delivery address, order number and manpower allocation. Therefore, please check the notification about delivery arrangement in message center for details.

Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 or above:
Delivery service will be suspended. When Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 or above is hoisted, delivery and customer services of Tung Bao Tong will be temporarily suspended. If the signal is remain hoisted at 3pm, the delivery service will be suspended that day.

Red/ Black Rainstorm Warning:
Delivery service will be suspended and to be resumed subjected to the weather. If delivery service is not able to continued, new delivery schedule will be notified.


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