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About Us


Our Background

Tung Bao brand, created in 1982 and based in Hong Kong, has all along been sourcing good quality Chinese herbs from all over the world.  We develop and sell various traditional proprietary Chinese medicines as well as health products, and our brand is well recognized by HongKongers as a reliable one.

Based on the belief of amalgamating naturalness and scientific research, we focus on traditional Chinese wisdom on herbs and impose strict quality control, aiming at bringing out the best therapeutic effects of the products.

Besides “Tung Bao Tong” and “TBTNatura”, our Group also distributes the health products of “Xiangxue Pharmaceutical” , thus providing more choices for the consumers.  Our business will continue to develop in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

Apart from progressing our business, we proactively support researches in Hong Kong universities. Authenticating natural herbal medicines by scientific methods, we pledge to provide premium quality products as an all-round solution for guarding your health.

Our Core Values


We adhere to the most stringent ethic standard and provide premium products for the consumers


We produce effective products by amalgamating modern manufacturing technique and natural sources

Customer Oriented

We follow the social trend closely and provide what the customers need

Quality Guaranteed

We source premium quality proprietary Chinese medicines and products from all over the world


Our team comprises of experienced professional members exerting their best to fulfil our pledge to customers


Our Mission


Combining the traditional Chinese wisdom on medicines and scientific research, we provide premium quality products for guarding your health.

Our Vision


To promote traditional Chinese wisdom on medicines and provide the best choice of health products.


Production, Research and Development


Our professional team sources premium quality Chinese herbs from all over the world and uses stringent standard to determine the types and grades from different sources,  the period of best yield and the processing procedures. We obtain our raw materials only from reputable suppliers which can provide quality guarantees on their supplies.

The products will be subjected to various tests to ensure safety and efficacy before launching.  Even after launching, we still closely monitor the standards and study the efficacy from time to time in order to provide the best products.


We also take an active role in participating research projects initiated by different institutions with the objective of motivating the development of Chinese herbal medicines.

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