Clover Honey


Product Description:

.Directly delivered from unpolluted green regions of New Zealand.

.The quality of honey is mainly affected by the flower source. New Zealand has plenty of sunshine, fresh air, no pollution, and plants can thrive. It is perfect for the production of high quality honey.

.Clover contains a unique scent of sweetness, which is popular with ladies and children.

.The honey is natural and pure without added sugar, sugar substitutes, preservatives, artificial colors or flavorings.

.It is treated with low temperature technology to effectively retain natural nutrients.

.It is treated with blending emulsification process to improve the mouth feel and texture.

.All-natural honey contains temperature-sensitive vitamins and enzymes. It is a natural phenomenon to produce solidification and crystallization. If stored in a refrigerator, it will accelerate the solidification and crystallization of honey.


.Clear lung heat

.Nourish throat

.Run dry laxative

.Improve skin dryness


.Inner heat

.Dry throat



.During dry weather

.People who spend long hours in air-conditioned rooms

Clover Honey

Enjoy the subtle flavours of this natural honey on their own, or mix into warm water to consume. It can be added to food, drinks, cooking as a natural sweetener.

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