[Xiangxue] Juhong Tanke Jiangao


Sooth qi and clear phlegm, nourish lungs and rid cough.


For the treatment of common cold, bronchitis, coughs and sputum caused by pharyngitis, asthma and other respiratory symptoms.

Major Ingredients:

Citri Grandis Exocarpium, Stemonae Radix Praeparata, Pinelliae Rhizoma Praeparata, Cynanchi Stauntonii Rhizoma Et Radix, Armeniacae Semen Amarum, Schisandrae Chinensis Fructus, Poria, Glycyrrhizae Radix Et Rhizoma, etc.


10-20g (1-2 spoons), 3 times a day. Children take half of adult dosage.

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