Prevent Pneumonia


A number of unexplained pneumonia cases occurred in Wuhan recently. Masks and Ban Lan Gen running low in Wuhan since many people believe they are effective against pneumonia.

Instead of using western medicine and antibiotics, many people find traditional Chinese medicine is natural and less intrusive. Chinese medicine practitioners said that if people want to prevent pneumonia infection, we must first strengthen our immunity system and lung health. The main function of Ban Lan Gen is to clear inner heat, detoxify and help relieve sore throat. However, to prevent viral pneumonia and influenza, other Chinese medicines must be used together to effectively work against influenza virus.

[Xiangxue] Xiangxue Oral Liquid

For common cold caused by wind-heat, fever caused by warm pathogens disease, upper respiratory tract infection, influenza, mumps and virus infection.

Lung Nourishing Soup

Strengthen lung health - moisten lung and regulate qi, suppress cough and to calm panting.

"Kang Yi" Tea

Invigorating Qi for consolidating superficies, detoxify and eliminating dampness.

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